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Splat! is smart imaging, designed for the way you like to work. Splat! is fast, focused and flexible. Our online data base contains 10’s of thousands of imaging essentials, including pre-produced IDs, promos, sweepers, production fx, artist ID’s, listener voices, music beds, drops and more, including PPM friendly elements. But we don’t stop there, we update constantly to supply you with new material so your imaging is always fresh and always up to date. Plus we back everything with the best customer service in the biz. Seriously, when you need us, we’ve got your back!  With eight radio formats to choose from, Splat! gives you everything you need to create attention grabbing imaging for your station and connect with your audience.

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AC Splat! “Always fresh, always up to date. AC Splat! gives you everything you need to image your station, connect with your listeners and stand out from the competition.”
Classic Rock Splat! “The only Classic Rock imaging package that doesn’t sound older than the music. A modern approach to a classic sound, Classic Rock Splat! gives you everything you need to make your music and your station stand out.”
Country Splat! “Country Splat! is authentic, modern and totally life-style. Imaging that compliments your music and connects with your audience, Country Splat! is real Country Imaging.”
Pop Splat! “Leading edge imaging tools for CHR and Top 40 stations. The one that started it all, Pop Splat! had been imitated, but never replicated. As always, today’s best imaging for today’s hit music stations.”
Rock Splat! “The only imaging package with the power and attitude to break through rock. Rock Splat! works great on Active, Mainstream and even Alternative. In fact, if “Rock” is in your format, Rock Splat! should be on your station.”
Sports Splat! is powerhouse imaging that will super-charge your station’s competitive edge. Remember, there is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in imaging, win where it counts with Sports Splat!”
Street Splat! “Redefining, redesigning and revolutionizing radio production, Street Splat! is blazing hot imaging for Urban, Hip Hop and Rhythmic stations.”
Talk Splat! “Imaging that speaks for itself, Talk Splat! is smart, edgy and full of attitude. Talk Splat! taps the pulse of Talk and News Talk formats. No other imaging package even comes close.”