Get Ahead in the Count!

Can you feel it?  It’s been building. The anticipation, the energy, the excitement!  You’ve been waiting all year and it’s finally here.  (You didn’t think we were talking about baseball did you?)

SPLAT! is ready for the spring season with an all-new lineup of dynamic and game-changing imaging and production solutions. We’re here to help you go all the way.

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You’ve seen it. You’ve heard it. You’ve lived it. Now, it all comes down to this.

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What is SPLAT! Madness?  It’s the most exciting time of the year for fans of awesome audio!  It’s also your chance to get BIG savings when you sign up for any SPLAT! or GrooveWorx library or service.

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It’s easy when you team up with SPLAT!, GrooveWorx, and Radio Resources. Whatever your needs, we have a stellar lineup of game-changing options: imaging libraries, custom production, voiceover, jingles, production music, and more.

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TRYNITY HDFX – The Evolution of Imaging

Listen to the TRYNITY HDFX story as told by Dave Foxx with Staxx (imaging legends from Z100, NYC.)

This is how Robert Dudzic’s library went from an idea, to the airwaves of Z100 NYC, and onward to become the world’s best Production FX library. Now with more than 30,000 cuts, TRYNITY continues to evolve. It is the only FX library in radio providing immersive audio elements that actually enhance the clarity and audibility of your station imaging.

Get a free trial and start building your own imaging story with TRYNITY HDFX.

Nice Package!

We’ve got great news…news music packages, that is.  SPLAT! and GrooveWorx have teamed up to offer News and News Talk radio stations world-class music packages at a great price.  Check out two of the latest, Fuel and Global News.  For more info, special pricing, and a complete track listing just get in touch with us here.

SPLAT! TIPS – The Total Imaging and Production Solution

SPLAT! is the one source with every solution for radio imaging and production.  From imaging libraries and production music to jingles and the world’s best production FX, we have everything you need.

Take a look at our lineup of products below, then get a free trial here.  As always, feel free to drop us a line with questions about these great imaging and production solutions.

Big News for News Talk Radio Imaging – Switch to SPLAT! and SAVE

What’s that you say? You suddenly need a new News Talk radio imaging library?  We have good news for you – SPLAT! has you covered!

SPLAT! is the one source with every solution for NEWS TALK radio imaging, production, and audio branding.

But we have more than just News Talk imaging libraries. How about news music packages or custom news music?  Yep, we’re all over it.

Did somebody say custom News Talk imaging? We’re here for you.

Oh, how about the world’s best production FX and sound design?  Hey, you’ve come to the right place.  (And we can’t forget to mention our amazing production music libraries!!!)

SPLAT! is your Total Imaging and Production Solution for News Talk radio.

Sign up for a free trial HERE.  Or get in touch and find out about money-saving bundle options for barter and cash.

One source, every solution.

New Library Alert!

Now trending at SPLAT! HQ…Groove Snax and Groove Tools.

We’re happy to feature these two amazing radio imaging libraries in collaboration with our friends from GrooveWorx.

Cash and barter options are available for both libraries.  You can get a free trial HERE. Descriptions and demos are below, enjoy!

Groove Snax is the fresh new vibe for Urban AC & Classic Hip Hop radio stations.  As heard on the legendary WBLS, New York City, GrooveSnax brings you authentic, yet contemporary imaging that is easy to customize and fun to use.  It has the sound and style necessary to create market-dominant imaging.

Groove Tools is the ultimate high-performance, rock production toolkit. With tens of thousands of produced sweepers, work parts, beds, sound design elements, and artist drops, Groove Tool’s multi-format rock imaging ranges from the powerful to the playful.



Get Big Air!

SPLAT! is psyched to announce a new partnership with our friends from GrooveWorx, the legendary producers of awesome audio for radio (not to mention TV, films, and games!)

Featuring top-level talent and world-class sound, the following GrooveWorx products are now offered as part of the SPLAT! family, and available through our partners, RadioResources. (Request a free trial here.)

Trynity HDFX – Imaging FX/Work Parts/Music Library

Produced by world-renowned sound designer Robert Dudzic, Trynity HDFX features ultrahigh-quality production fx and sound design for imaging and offers more than 30,000 fx and music beds. As heard on Z100, New York City, Trynity is the only library in the industry producing immersive audio imaging fx. This means Trynity sounds better than anything on the market and makes station messaging more audible to listeners.

GrooveSnax – Imaging Library 

As heard on WBLS, New York City, GrooveSnax is the authentic, yet contemporary imaging library you’ve been looking for. GrooveSnax brings you highly targeted and thoughtfully produced sweeper and promo shells, power intros, music beds, holiday, and topical imaging, and much more. GrooveSnax is easy to customize and has the sound and style necessary to create market-dominant imaging.

GrooveTools – Imaging Library

GrooveTools is the ultimate rock radio production toolkit, custom-built by the high-performance team at GrooveWorx. With tens of thousands of produced sweepers, work parts, beds, sound design elements, and artist drops, GrooveTools multi-format rock imaging ranges from the powerful to the playful.

AMPED Imaging – Custom Imaging

AMPED provides on-demand, quick turnaround, custom radio production, and imaging. AMPED is scalable to meet the wide-ranging needs of any radio station, from full outsourcing to highly focused projects. Collectively, AMPED producers have imaged some of radio’s top stations, now AMPED producers bring their world-class talent to your station for barter or cash.

Jingles by GrooveWorx – Custom Jingles, Radio Jingle Packages, News Music Packages, Custom Music

World-class quality and creativity are synonymous with GrooveWorx, the award-winning jingle company based in Los Angeles, CA. Bringing Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, and Clio award talent to its music productions, it’s just this talent that sets GrooveWorx jingles apart from the competition. GrooveWorx offers custom jingle service and a wide selection of radio jingle packages.

5 Alarm Music – Production Music Library

5 Alarm is the largest independent production music library for radio, commercials, TV, and film. With state-of-the-art, highly targeted search capabilities, 5 Alarm offers more than 400,000 music beds from 100+ production music libraries. Great for commercial production and imaging use.

For a free trial or to get any of the GrooveWorx services or libraries for your station, drop us a line.

Get on board with SPLAT! + GrooveWorx – The Total Imaging and Production Solution for radio.